TechOne Venture Capital to invest TL 200 million in Turkish tech startups

Actus and Tarvenn join forces for TechOne Venture Capital Fund to invest in tech startups

Actus Asset Management and Tarvenn Ventures join forces for TechOne to become Turkey’s largest early-stage venture capital fund. TechOne Venture Capital Fund aims to invest TL 200 Million within 5 years in technology startups with a potential to scale in global markets out of Turkey.

Led by Actus Asset Management and Tarvenn Ventures, TechOne plans to invest in 50 early stage technology startups that have potential to scale in global markets. TechOne Venture Capital will provide know-how, experience, and a wide network along with investments with more than 30 full-time professionals to technology startups from Turkey, is aiming to increase this startups’ chance of success in global market with its international network and experience.

TechOne Venture Capital will invest in Technology Startups with Global Aspirations

TechOne will invest in 50 early-stage technology startups. The fund has a sector agnostic strategy, while Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Medical Technologies, Advanced Materials, and Internet of Things sectors will be prioritized. Main pillar of TechOne investment strategy is to act as an enabler for the portfolio companies’ growth in global markets. TechOne’s experienced fund team which has invested and operated in many different countries, will provide to support startups in a wide range of areas. Thus, it will be ensured that startups are scaled rapidly, have easy access to follow-up investments and create global success stories.

Actus and Tarvenn join Forces for Smart Venture Fund TechOne

As one of the largest asset management companies in Turkey, Actus Asset Management and Tarvenn Ventures which has made a name for itself with its investments in recent years joined forces for TechOne. Actus which is a subsidiary of Global Investment Holding has in excess of 1.2 Billion TL assets under management. Being the founder of the first corporate venture capital fund in Turkey Actus manages a wide range of private equity investments from technology VC funds to energy and infrastructure funds.

Tarvenn Ventures which is an Istanbul-based international investment and consultancy firm provides strategic consultancy services to corporate investors and funds besides investing in innovative startups at early stage. Tarvenn Ventures which has a extensive portfolio of startups in healthtech, energy, gaming, foodtech, agriculture, e-commerce and service sectors with its investments, offers know-how, experience and networks to the entrepreneurs besides investment with its smart money approach. Tarvenn which is the Operational Partner of TechOne Fund will provide support on the selection process of startup investments and help accelerate startups with its broad team and international experience.



Experienced Investment Team

TechOne Venture Capital Fund, led by Actus Asset Management and Tarvenn Ventures, makes a remark with its experienced investment team. The TechOne team which has more than 5 Billion TL of investment experience, strong cross-border deal making experience that includes 150 investment transactions in more than 20 countries. TechOne which will be managed by a team that has invested and executed operations in many different countries, will take on the role of a competent investor and teammate for globally focused technology startups.

Actus Investment Director and TechOne Managing Partner Yigit Arslan, states that they will support early-stage global focused technology startups from Turkey and he said, “Startups are having difficulty achieving global success as they lack operational support. We will be providing a concrete financial and operational support to founding teams in order to create global success stories out of TechOne.

Tarvenn Ventures CEO and TechOne Managing Partner Mustafa Kopuk, states that the global success stories from Turkey will increase rapidly in the coming years and he added, “We will contribute over 200 million TL to the startup ecosystem with TechOne Venture Capital which we are an investor and Operating Partner as Tarvenn Ventures. We will provide more than just capital to the seed and early-stage startups; we will bring strategic expertise, connections and hands-on support help our founders strive. We aim to create global success stories by partnering up with outstanding entrepreneurs with a vision to shift or disrupt market dynamics through the power of technology.”

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Who We Are

TechOne is an Istanbul-based Smart Capital Fund. Our strength comes from the diversity of our stakeholders and the multi-disciplinary nature of our Team. Our stakeholders are leaders in technology, industrial, finance, and academia.

We believe that only extraordinary teams with infinite passion and a global vision will build leading companies of the future. We are keen to partner up with outstanding entrepreneurs with a vision to shift or disrupt market dynamics through the power of innovation. We provide the capital, network and expertise to make sure their dreams come true. With the help of our global network and our operating partner Tarvenn Ventures, we focus on being the best partner for founders! We provide whatever the founders need with 30+ full time professionals and more than 100+ strategic partners. 

What We Investwe back extraordinary entrepreneurs

Innovative Tech Startups with a Global Vision

Seed, Bridge and Series A Rounds

Sector Agnostic if the Startup Adds Value in it

Up to 10M TL Investment Size for Minority Shares

We seek extraordinary teams to invest in!

What We Provide

We focus on being the best partner for founders. We are super active team-mates working side-by-side with you on your biggest or smallest challenges. We provide in-depth, strategic and customized services to enhance your performance and scale your startup. We are here to help across all your needs. 

On top of that, you get access to our Operating Partner Tarvenn Ventures, working with you every-step of the way from your business model to your financial structure, from payment infrastructure to legal processes. With the power of our operating partner Tarvenn and its 30+ full time dedicated professionals, we help you grow your business by providing support in many fields such as sales, marketing, business development, finance, legal, international expansion and human resources.

Let's shape the future together, today!