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Smart ads management platform WASK raised an investment from TechOne

Wask, which enables digital advertising accounts to be
managed from a single platform, raised its second
funding with a valuation of 8 Million TL

AI based smart digital ads management platform Wask which enables smart and easy management of ads on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram from a single platform raised an investment from TechOne with a valuation of 8 Million TL.

Smart Management Platform For All Ads Accounts

Wask allows users to create and manage ads on different channels such as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram from a single platform, it also offers a much smarter and easier ad management experience with its artificial intelligence-based and user-friendly interface. Through its unique features such as AI based audience creation, AutoPilot, Scheduler, Performance Comparison and A / B Test, the startup offers a much smarter ad management platform while reducing the advertising costs of its customers and increasing the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Reached more than 7.500 users from 92 countries in a short time

With its cloud-based  and artifical intelligence supported software, Wask aims to grow in global markets and become one of the leading SaaS companies in the field of advertising accounts management. Reaching more than 7.500 users from 92 countries in a short time as a smart digital advertising management platform, Wask offers to reduce digital advertising costs by 70% and increase customer gain by 2 times.

“Our aim is to be the best digital ad management platform in the world.”

Founder of Wask Ercan Pilcioğlu said; “The number of users who give digital advertisements is increasing rapidly every year, but it is really difficult to give advertise in different channels and to manage these advertisements effectively. We enable non-professional users to manage their ads easier and smarter. The number of users we have reached in a short time proves us the volume of demand in the market. With this investment we have raised, we aim to be one of the most important startups in the world in this field.”

You Can Visit WWW.WASK.CO Website To Review Wask.


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