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Sertifier, the developer of big data and artificial intelligence technologies for education, raised investment of $300K

Sertifier, which provides digital certificates, informal learning, and CV building, raised investment with a valuation of $2.5M

Sertifier; which is the leader of informal learning with its AI backed application, also the owner of the most frequently used digital certificate management tool and CV automation products in the market continues to grow with an investment round led by TechOne VC, with the participation of Alima Ventures (Netherlands), Portera Ventures (UK) and Techventure, as well as Çetin Dalva and Kemal Tamer. Sertifier raised an investment of $300K with a $2.5M valuation.

Sertifier meets all the needs in its field with its wide-ranging applications

Sertifier, which enables all digital certificate processes to be managed through a single application, provides great convenience for both corporate customers and end-users who wants to share and verify their certificates in an easily accessible way in the digital environment. Further mobile learning experience platform facilitates the development of skills in the areas of interest of its users, thanks to its skills library, course catalog with millions of content and artificial intelligence backed algorithm. With Verified, users can gather their education credentials and information provided by Sertifier and Further applications in one place to create personalized CVs. Sertifier helps its customers with the greatest infrastructure to automate their skills mapping with flexible and scalable methods using analysis of the consumption data of thousands of customers and its library with more than 30 thousand skills.

Reached more than 1000 Corporate Subscribers less than 1 Year

Focusing on its growth in the global market with the previous investment round, Sertifier reached more than 1000 corporate subscribers from 79 different countries, especially in countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, France, and India. Bearing in mind that Sertifier’s month over month growth rate is 40% with 10 thousand dollars monthly recurring revenue, the company is looking for not only growth in its customer base, but also enlarging its data Analytics efforts to support and direct OECD and UNDP as a stakeholder. Sertifier placed on top of its competitors in the global market with its digital certificate management tool. The new round’s main goal is to carry Further to the top while increasing the company’s recognition in the market.

Founder, Arda Helvacılar said that: “Our first application, Sertifier, reached the top in 2 years against its competitors which has a background for more than 10 years. Verified helped us to invest in the digital identity industry with higher goals. Now, with Further, offer a value that corporate companies have never experienced. We will automate and measure informal learning, which is 75% of education, with artificial intelligence. It is our humble call to all learning and development managers. By using Further, you will only spend a few hours to reach a new era in skills management.”

You can visit and to review Sertifier and Verified. If you want to experience Further’s early access, which will be released in October 2021, you can leave your contact information on

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