Mustafa Kopuk

What’s your area focus?
I focus on helping Turkish and Eastern European entrepreneurs who are bold enough to transform existing industries with their breakthrough ideas in Metaverse, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Gaming at the global stage.


What’s your investment philosophy?
We invest and serve the extraordinary people who are building the future today. We get our hands dirty. We invest in their success, but also the struggles. We are their best partner for the journey ahead to defeat what seems impossible.


One of the core things we look for is…
Ambition! We always look for the entrepreneurs with unlimited ambition to build something great.


For me being a venture capital investor means…
helping smarter people than us to build something extraordinary. Everyday comes with new excitements with new people, new business models and unlimited ambition to solve challenging problems.


I am fascinated by…
the passionate and resilient founders who are trying to solve challenging problems relentlessly every single day.