Eren Aşkın

Eren Aşkın

What’s your area focus?
I focus on pre-seed, seed, and growth stage, technology-based startups (AI/ML Technology, Fintech, Healthtech, Edutech, Adtech etc.) in emerging markets.


What’s your investment philosophy?
I am excited to support dreamers and doers in the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic regions. My investment philosophy is super agnostic and believes in investing in all industries.


Summarize your career leading up to TechOne in one sentence.
I have always been interested in speaking with ambitious founders who solve the world’s most meaningful problems.


What’s the most important trait in an entrepreneur?
High adaptability and flexibility are the foremost traits of any successful entrepreneur.


For me being a venture capital investor means…
Rolling up my sleeves and supporting the most visionary entrepreneurs throughout their journey, with ups and downs.