Deniz Caygür

What’s your area focus?
I am a lawyer and I am especially involved in closing processes. But in general, I love Sports-Tech, Fintech and Consumer Internet Companies.


What’s your investment philosophy?
Probably because I have a more conservative and assuring point of view due to my profession, I think the strength and background of the team is very important.


Summarize your career leading up to TechOne in one sentence.
Before TechOne, I was working at a law firm. I worked in the investment consultancy department and M&A projects.


What’s the most important trait in an entrepreneur?
I think that commercial and business acumen and perspective are very important for the sustainability of any idea.


I am fascinated by…
After working in law firms and experiencing long negotiation and DD processes in M&A deals, I was shocked and fascinated by the speed of investment and closing processes in VC ecosystem.


One of the core things we look for is…
We are looking for entrepreneurs who know what they are doing, who have enough industry experience to remain realistic, but at the same time have enough entrepreneurial qualities to maintain unicorn dreams.