Meet: Inooster

Meet: Inooster

What is Gamification?

 Gamification is a special technique used to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities by creating similar experiences to those experienced. All of us have been very familiar with this technique. For example, you had been exposed to gamification when you received a badge from your teacher in elementary school for completing your homework.

Gamification can also be defined as the art of making a task more fun to receive more performance out of it. Over the last years, the companies have started implementing gamification into their daily processes to make their employees more efficient.

How Do Companies Use Gamification?

Gamification is a must for most companies. According to a research, gamification increases employees’ productivity by 90% and companies that implement gamification into their daily functioning get 7 times more productive compared to those who do not. That’s why it is very crucial to localize gamification applications into your own company according to your company’s culture.

During the gamification process what you really must focus on is to actively get your employees’ attendance to events and meetings. You can also apply the same method for your customers. Here’s a breakdown of what you must do to make the process more fun:

  • Plan for the long the term when it comes to the gamification.
  • Incentivize participants with a creative award but do not highlight the importance of the award constantly.
  • Be transparent regarding game rules, leadership board etc.
  • Do not only focus on the best performer
  • Report and track each event and data

After taking all these factors into consideration, it’s never been easier to implement your gamification processes.

Meet Gamification with Inooster

There are companies that work to optimize gamification processes to assist their clients’ efforts in maximizing their profits. One of these companies is Inooster who is also the developer of the Turkey’s best gamification tool Motivist.

Istanbul based VC TechOne, invests, guides and provides connections for early-stage companies with disruptive business models such as Inooster. If you want to shape the future together get in touch now!


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