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What We Do

We invest in innovative tech startups founded by visionary entrepreneurs solving global problems, to deliver superior returns for our investors. We provide capital, network, strategic, financial and operational expertise and hands-on support help our founders strive.

Leveraging our global financial and strategic network, our operating capabilities and strong partnerships, we focus on being the best partner for founders! We provide what it takes for the founders to strive with a team of 30+ full time professionals and more than 100+ strategic partners. We provide more than just capital; we bring strategic expertise, connections, mentoring and operational excellence.  

We work with extraordinary entrepreneurs as a partner to shape the future together!

Who We Are

TechOne is an Istanbul-based Smart Capital Fund. Our strength comes from the diversity of our stakeholders and the multi-disciplinary nature of our Team. Our stakeholders are leaders in technology, industrial, finance, and academia.

We believe that only extraordinary teams with infinite passion and a global vision will build leading companies of the future. We are keen to partner up with outstanding entrepreneurs with a vision to shift or disrupt market dynamics through the power of innovation. We provide the capital, network and expertise to make sure their dreams come true. With the help of our global network and our operating partner Tarvenn Ventures, we focus on being the best partner for founders! We provide whatever the founders need with 30+ full time professionals and more than 100+ strategic partners. 

What We Investwe back extraordinary entrepreneurs

Innovative Tech Startups with a Global Vision

Seed, Bridge and Series A Rounds

Sector Agnostic if the Startup Adds Value in it

Up to 10M TL Investment Size for Minority Shares

What We Provide

We focus on being the best partner for founders. We are super active team-mates working side-by-side with you on your biggest or smallest challenges. We provide in-depth, strategic and customized services to enhance your performance and scale your startup. We are here to help across all your needs. 

On top of that, you get access to our Operating Partner Tarvenn Ventures, working with you every-step of the way from your business model to your financial structure, from payment infrastructure to legal processes. With the power of our operating partner Tarvenn and its 30+ full time dedicated professionals, we help you grow your business by providing support in many fields such as sales, marketing, business development, finance, legal, international expansion and human resources.

We seek extraordinary teams to invest in!

STAKEHOLDERSour founders empower us

How We Help

Our team and strategic partners have more than 100 years of collective experience and no matter what you’re facing, they are here to help you. 

We are your best Partner!

We work side-by-side with you no matter how big your challenge is. Whether it is setting strategy for a new expansion or thinking through your organizational design, we are in your corner. Because we are now partners and team members, and working together for the same goal: Grow your Business!

Our Business is to Build Yours! 

From your business model to your financials, from payment infrastructure to legal processes, we support you in many fields. We help you to build, grow  and scale your business by providing sales, marketing, business development, finance, legal and human resources consultancy services. We help relieve the operational burden during your company’s growth. We enable you to achieve commercial success quickly with low operational costs.

Wide Network and Right Connections!

We provide you with direct access to hundreds of local and international partners, mentors and investors. We help you find new customers, establish strategic partnerships and improve your product or service with the appropriate business connections. Whatever you need, we direct you to the right resources and people.

International Expansion! 

When you are ready, we enable you to expand your business to new countries and markets. We have an exceptional knowledge and network across over 40 countries. We provide you custom-tailored services to scale and go global. 

Fast, Flexible and Honest! 

We are open and honest to find solutions to problems quickly and effectively. We create flexible solutions for you and your business. We do not hesitate to tell the truth and we focus on the result. We believe that being direct and honest helps everyone to address problems quickly and effectively.

No matter what you’re facing, let us help you through your challenges!

Let's shape the future together, today!