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Colendi raised $30M over a valuation of $120M

Colendi raised $30M at a valuation of $120M in the Series A investment round

In 2017, Colendi, innovative and high growth potential in the fintech industry, set out to create a digital platform where digital identity, credit scoring and these will work integrated, raised $30M in the Series A tour, including TechOne VC. The investment was made through Colendi Holdings Limited company located in England, which owns 100 percent of Colendi Inc.

2.4 million customer access in 8 months

Colendi, which has an advanced technological infrastructure with a modern scoring algorithm that can evaluate many data such as social, mobile, demographic, bill payment data and shopping history in real time, has reached 2.4 million customers in 8 months with its platform partners, and 1.6 million with 10 financial partners. It has reached over 350,000 financial active users.

“Colendi strengthened its management team”

Raised $30M over a 120 million valuation, Colendi continued to strengthen by adding important names to its management team. After the investment round, Ian Hannam, who has more than 30 years of experience in JP Morgan and Salomon Brothers and was the head of the Global Debt and Capital Markets units for a period, was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Colendi. Colendi plans to use its $30 million investment to make its products ready for competition in the global arena, to maximize the service quality it offers, and to accelerate its growth by expanding into new markets.

The company, which has a management team consisting of Ian Hannam, Bülent Tekmen and Mihriban Ersin, and a very strong investor staff, offers consumers the most accessible consumer microcredit in the world to low-risk customers who were previously outside the financial system, thanks to a modern scoring algorithm using artificial intelligence and big data and aims to provide next generation financial technology services.

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