Büşra Yılmaz

Büşra Yılmaz

What’s your area focus?
I am very much interested in women-led-tech, AI/ML, SaaS Startups in Turkey, Europe, and Central Asia.


What’s your investment philosophy?
I believe that startups should only be focusing in creating their dream and that we should support. Wanting to ensure that Startups all go into their next rounds with a higher valuation and more to show for is an accomplishment that can only be felt, and words genuinely cannot express.


Summarize your career leading up to TechOne in one sentence.
Meeting new technologies and founders every day and supporting their success and journey motivates me.


What’s the most important trait in an entrepreneur?
Laser-like focus and flexibility. Due to the varying nature of the sector, an entrepreneur needs to overcome barriers in her/his way efficiently and rapidly.


For me being a venture capital investor means…
Working in areas that interest me in both the professional sense but also as an individual. This is a job like no-other, our typical day is more like if we had added on hours to the typical 24 Hour system.