Aziz Dostgül

What’s your area focus?
Due to my previous experience, I am mainly focused on FinTech and InsurTech companies and during my experience as a venture capital investor, I am also much involved in Cybersecurity and EdTech.


What’s your investment philosophy?
My investment philosophy mainly comprises of trying to find the best investment opportunities by scouting constantly and by trying to involve in every event in town.


Summarize your career leading up to TechOne in one sentence.
My journey at TechOne VC has been great so far. I had the chance to meet great people to connect and there are a lot of opportunities to discover in following years to come.


What’s the most important trait in an entrepreneur?
For me, best trait is the eagerness to learn and having a vision for achieveing the unachieveable.


For me being a venture capital investor means…
Trying to be as helpful as you can even if you don’t seek to just invest, for the satisfaction of giving a little help of creating add-vale.


I am fascinated by…
Technology producing great teams with efficient collaborations.


One of the core things we look for is…
The team and the synergy of all team members combined.